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Democratic presidential hopeful Julián Castrojust wrapped his CNN town hall, where he addressed a host of issues, including climate change, the legalization of marijuana and President Trump.

In case you missed it, here are four key quotes:

  • On a new report that the White House pressured ICE to move undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities or top Democrats’ districts: “The cruelty of this administration never seems to end.”
  • On presidential candidates releasing their tax returns: “I support making a requirement by statute. Congress passing a law that requires people who are running for president to submit 10 years of their tax returns.”
  • On his advice to Trump: “Follow the law.”
  • On the legalization of marijuana: “I actually support the legalization of marijuana…On top of that we need to go back and expunge the records of people who were imprisoned because of using marijuana.”

Source: Julián Castro CNN town hall – CNNPolitics